Epic Games and Apple clash once again over Epic Games Store’s iOS design

Apple rejects Epic Games' notarization submission for the Epic Games store twice over Install and In-App Purchases designs, falls back a day after.

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Epic Games and Apple

Epic Games bringing EGS on iOS soon (Image Via - Epic and Apple)

Long after Epic Games were finally able to convince the European Commission to force Apple to allow Epic Game Store on iOS devices, the company claimed that Apple are in violation of DMA after rejecting their notarization submission twice.

The submission was rejected by Apple on the grounds that the design and position of the ‘install’ button inside the Epic Games Store is too similar to Apple's ‘Get’ button. This was also the case for ‘In-App Purchases’ label as per the official post from the company on X.

Defending their design, Epic Games wrote that the similarities Apple is pointing out is something that is standard across various app stores. Furthermore, they also said that the similarities will allow better adoption for iOS users who haven’t used any other app store.

“Apple's rejection is arbitrary, obstructive, and in violation of the DMA, and we've shared our concerns with the European Commission. Barring further roadblocks from Apple, we remain ready to launch in the Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iOS in the EU in the next couple of months,” the added.

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Apple falls back after Epic Games brings up EU

Following the public posting regarding, Apple have now taken a step back and has accepted the Epic Games Store notarization submission as per the update from Epic Games Newsroom. Fans who want an alternative in the Apple sandbox were spotted cheering for the company.

The company previously reported that they are targeting a release in the next few months, and players will then have an alternative for the Apple App Store in Europe. Furthermore, EU players will also be able to play Fortnite on their mobile devices while also having an alternative to other apps and games. The EGS on PC takes a lesser cut in sales and in-app purchases, which can also come to the iOS devices for developers.