WATCH: Pierre Gasly's iconic move to overtake Red Bull during Canadian Grand Prix

With everyone struggling to find a rhythm on the wet track of the Canadian Grand Prix, Alpine Pierre Gasly made a beautiful move to overtake a Red Bull.

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Pierre Gasly

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The Canadian Grand Prix 2024 was nothing sort of an entertainment package for the fans. It had some intense fights in the top grid unlike Monaco GP and drivers struggled due to wet conditions. However, there was a driver who dominated the wet conditions and made a brilliant manoeuvre to overtake the Red Bull.  

It was Pierre Gasly who drove his Alpine so amazingly that he overtook Sergio Perez’s Red Bull in a beautiful movement. It became more special as it happened on a wet track which troubled the likes of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. 

Watch Pierre Gasly’s magnificent overtake at the Canadian Grand Prix:

With some amazing manoeuvres, Pierre Gasly along with his teammate finished in the Top 10 and earned much-needed three points for the team. It should have helped both the drivers as their Monaco Grand Prix had ended prematurely due to an unwanted incident.

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Esteban Ocon fumes at Alpine

Although it was a great day for the Alpine F1 team outgoing Esteban Ocon had some issues with the team. At the end of the Canadian Grand Prix Ocon was fuming on his team radio. He called on the team’s decision to ask him to allow Gasly a overtake to finish 9th instead of him. 

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On team radio, he had said, “No comment. I am too nice, too nice. I’ve done what I had to do, which is the most important. But you guys didn’t do what you had to do. That’s it.” He added, “Happy to be working with you guys – Stew, Dave, and Josh (Alpine engineers). Very happy. Thanks for supporting, thanks for supporting.”

It’s worth noting that after the Monaco Grand Prix incident, Alpine decided to part ways with Ocon. He will be a free agent after the ongoing season. His tenure at Alpine was full of controversies especially due to his long-time animosity with childhood friend Gasly.  

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