WATCH: Will Buxton demands tougher punishment for Sergio Perez and Red Bull compare incident with 2008 Singapore Crashgate

British Journalist and Formula 1 presenter Will Buxton demanded tougher punishment for Perez and Red Bull after the incident. He also compared the incident with the Singapore Crashgate 2008.

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Sergio Perez in his broken RB20

Sergio Perez in his broken RB20 (Source: X)

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The Canadian Grand Prix 2024 has been a forgettable journey for Sergio Perez who first failed to get a better qualifying result and then crashed out of the race. His bad luck didn’t stop there as the stewards later penalised him for driving his broken RB20 into the pits.

Counting it as dangerous driving Stewards have given him a three-place grid drop for the Spanish Grand Prix and handed a hefty fine to Red Bull Racing too. However, British Journalist and Formula 1 presenter Will Buxton demanded tougher punishment for Perez and Red Bull after the incident. 

Watch Sergio Perez’s Crash here:


Taking on his social media platform X, Buxton said, "I don’t think the repercussions for the team are anywhere near enough. The team have admitted they told Perez to break the rules knowingly and in so doing endanger other drivers (that’s why the rule exists) to avoid a safety car which they knew could lose them the win.”

Will Buxton compare the Red Bull and Sergio Perez incident with Singapore 2008?

Going ahead Will Buxton didn’t stop there and compared the Canadian Grand Prix incident with the Crashgate scandal of Singapore 2008. He said, "Reverse the outcome of the reasoning and you have a team telling a driver to break the rules to create a safety car to help them win. It’s a few degrees of separation. One is a grid drop and a fine. The other is Singapore 08."  

It’s worth noting that the ongoing season has been on and off for Checo as he has struggled to match or even get close to his teammate Max Verstappen’s performance. Despite that Red Bull Racings decided to offer him a contract extension for the next two years in a 1+1 format.

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Meanwhile, Red Bull Racing’s chief advisor Helmut Marko had said that Perez is struggling because of his mind, not due to his car. It will be an interesting race in Spain which might decide the standings and future of Red Bull.  

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