When is Roman reigns possibly going to return in PLEs?

WWE: Roman Reigns has not been in action since WrestleMania XL. Check out the three possible ways in which his return could happen for three different PLEs.

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Roman Reigns has been out of action for more than 5 weeks now. The Tribal Chief lost the main event of the Night Two to Cody Rhodes which led to the end of his unprecedented run as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Since then, Roman has stayed away from the ring. In his absence, a lot of things have changed in the Bloodline. 

There have been a couple of debutants who have joined the top faction of the roster. Tama Tonga made his debut on Smackdown after Mania. He took out Jimmy Uso who lost to Jey Uso in the Night One of Mania. In Backlash 2024, Solo Sikoa and Tama were up against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. The duo of Owens and Orton looked good to claim a win.

Just when the duo had wood over the Bloodline duo and looked to the match, in came Tonga Loa and hit both Orton and Owens with a steel stage. With that, the latest member of the Bloodline was added. Jacob Fatu, who signed with WWE before Mania, is yet to make his debut. While his debut will be interesting, the dynamics in the Bloodline have changed without Roman.

Paul Heyman is hanging on the thread not knowing what to do. In the latest episode on the Blue Brand, Solo claimed that the Tribal Chief asked him to take care of the business in his absence. That brings us to the question of the potential return of Roman. The Head of the Table can potentially return around three PLEs. Each of them makes sense given how they could pan out.

Around Summerslam

His return around Summerslam could be poetic, after all, it is in the same PLE in 2020 that he made his return to the company and donned the role of the Tribal Chief. Reports claim that he might return around August a couple of weeks before Summerslam, which is set to take place in Cleveland. Till the next big PLE, there is little to no chance of him returning to the arena.

Given the time he needs to heal, Reigns might well return during Summerslam. It might be the best option for his return. Some reports claimed that the Head of the Table might return late and could potentially never return. But having a star like Roman out of the ring for a long time is a huge loss of business. By August, WWE can build the doubts of 'Who is the real Tribal Chief?'.

Around Survivor Series

The current storyline in The Bloodline is heading towards a potential civil war. On one side, there is Solo with the addition of the Tonga brothers. Paul Heyman took Roman's name out of the WWE Draft without his permission. As Jimmy was taken out and Jey Uso showed signs of re-joining the Bloodline, there was a good chance of the original Bloodline returning to the company.

If that happens, there is a good chance of Roman returning as a surprise contender to be the fourth member of the Bloodline from Heyman's team. In the War Games, the civil war can take place to settle the deal. That would not be a bad option either, as Reigns would get a bit more time to heel. It would also mean Jimmy could heal well and have enough time for the reunion of the Uso brothers.

Around Royal Rumble

The initial plan of the company for WrestleMania XL was to have the fight for the 'Head of the Table'. The promo of The Rock on his return to Raw and Cody saying he would go for the world title later in Summerslam (Not in WrestleMania) were the signs of it. However, the plan was rescheduled due to the huge demand of fans to plan for Cody vs Roman. 

Now there is a possibility of having Roman vs The Rock for the Head of the Table. The best way to execute it would be for Roman to have an incredible return on the Royal Rumble. It could be set up for Roman vs The Rock in WrestleMania 41. But the chances of it happening are less. The Tribal Chief is likely to return much before to reclaim his throne. 

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