Main event Jey Uso beats Ilja Dragunov to set semifinal match against Gunther for King of the Ring 2024

WWE: Jey Uso defeated Ilja Dargunov in the main event of Monday Night Raw. In the quarterfinal match, the younger Uso emerged victorious after a great match.

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Jey Uso claimed an impressive win against Ilja Dragunov on Raw. In the main event of the night, the younger Uso beat Ilja Dragunov to enter the semifinal of the King of the Ring 2024. He will be up against Gunther who beat Kofi Kingston to set the match against Jey. The main event match turned out to be brilliant as the crowd loved it.

The entire Raw was good as many matches were good. But the main event topped it all. Jey Uso had an electrifying entrance and so did Ilja. The Mad Dragon was at his best in terms of the in-ring ability. The crowd was behind Jey and chanted 'Uso' and 'Let's go Uso'. The match was like a roller coaster of a journey with no wrestler having a clear advantage.

Ilja was the most impressive of the two as he gave a great performance. He started from where he left the last week after beating Ricochet. Jey displayed great grit against the 'Czar of NXT'. Despite sustaining a H Bomd, Uso kicked out on two. He avoided the 2nd H Bomb and delivered a spear. Jey put the final nail in the coffin by delivering a Uso splash.

Gunther vs Jey Uso in Semifinal

As it was enough for Jey to pin Ilja, he celebrated the win. It was short-lived, as Gunther came to the ring. The Ring general had a faceoff with Jey which provided a snippet of the next week's main event match. Earlier this night, Gunther had a grueling match with Kofi Kingston. The match ended with the former IC Champion beating the former world champion.

In the semifinal next week, one can expect a big match between Jey and Gunther. Despite dominating the match early, Kofi could not match the strength and resistance of Gunther. It will be difficult for someone like Uso to beat Gunther even with the current run as a solo wrestler. That promises to be a great match in the upcoming week on Raw.

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