WATCH: Ilja Dragunov reacts to being picked up by Raw, addresses Gunther

WWE: Ilja Dragunov has been picked by Monday Night Raw for the calendar year 2024-25. The 'Czar of NXT' is likely to be either up against or with Gunther in the upcoming days.

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Ilja Dragunov

Ilja Dragunov (Source: X)

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Ilja Dragunov reacted to joining Monday Night Raw for the first time. The 'Czar of NXT' has been drafted to the main roster and expressed his opinion on the feuds that could shape up in the days to come. Ilja expressed his happiness saying that he is out of words. Drgunov added that NXT and the Superstars were his home for the last few years.

Dragunov added that a new chapter is awaiting him before making a promise for the NXT Universe. Ilja said that his aim would be to push Raw to the next level, which he believed he did with NXT. Ilja claimed that he would be with incomparable passion and intensity, something the fans are used to. The Mad Dragon claimed that none were prepared for him in Raw.

Watch the video of the interview here -

Dragunov thanked the NXT Universe for being the home away from his home. The Russian wrestler added that he is grateful for the Superstars in the ring who pushed him hard to get better like he did with others. The last question from Jackie Redmond, the interviewer was about Gunther, who happens to be in Raw. Ilja has a long history with the Ring general.

Will Ilja Dragunov join Imperium or face Gunther?

A smiling Dragunov described it with one word - 'Destiny'. The interview was posted on X by the official handle of WWE. "EXCLUSIVE: @UNBESIEGBAR_ZAR looks forward to once again sharing a brand with a legendary rival in @Gunther_AU," read the caption of WWE.

It is interesting to see where Ilja will find himself in the main roster. The Russian wrestler has gotten the maiden call-up from the main roster. Given the fact that the Imperium ousted Vinci, there is a good chance of him joining the faction. He might also face Gunther due to the demand of some fans. 

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