Is 'Czar of NXT' joining Imperium after WWE draft 2024?

WWE: Ilja Dragunov lost his NXT Championship to Trick Williams. Given his calibre as a wrestler, the 'Czar of NXT' is sure to join the main roster. The mad dragon has a good chance of joining the Imperium.

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Ilja Dragunov lost his NXT Championship to Trick Williams on the latest episode of NXT String Breakin. The Mad Dragon lost the main event match to the emerging star after being the champion for 207 days. Given his calibre, one would think he should join the main roster soon. The WWE Draft 2024 is set to happen on the 26th and the 29th of April later this month.

Sources claim that he might be drafted to Monday Night Raw. At the other end, the Imperium seems to be undergoing massive changes. In the latest episode of Raw, Vinci was attacked brutally by Ludwig Kaiser. In the backstage, Gunther sported a smile upon receiving the news. It seemed like a planned execution of betrayal. That also tells a lot about the faction.

It looks like the Imperium is set on a mission to conquer the roster. For that, they do not seem to need any liabilities. With due respect to Vinci, he hardly offered anything to the Imperium. On the other hand, someone like Dragunov might be a huge asset for the Imperium. He suits the ideology of the Imperium of not giving up. Much like Gunther, he is a great wrestler.

Gunther's relationship with Ilja Dragunov

On his return to Monday Night Raw, Gunther registered his name for the 'King of the Ring' competition. He aimed at becoming the 'King of the Ring' after already being the 'General of the Ring'. Without quality support, Gunther cannot be able to rule the roster. The addition of the Mad Dragon might be the right recipe the Imperium is looking for.

Over the years, Dragunov and Gunther have shared the ring with each other. In the NXT, they were involved in a world-class feud where they delivered high-class matches. They know their strengths and weaknesses. Both share a mutual respect with each other. It seems as if everything is aligned towards the Ring general welcoming the 'Czar of NXT' to the Imperium, which will only strengthen the faction. 

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