Cody Rhodes forces AJ Styles for an 'I Quit' match at Clash at the Castle

WWE: Cody Rhodes seeked fight against AJ Styles for his fake retirement attempt last week. The American Nightmare raised the stakes high for the Clash at the Castle.

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Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes sets an 'I Quit' match with AJ Styles at Clash at the Castle. After the Phenomenal One faked his retirement and took out the American Nightmare last week on Smackdown, Cody wanted to fight the 2-time world champion. A frustrated Cody was waiting for Styles to arrive in the arena. Nick Aldis had to arrange for the security guards to take care of the situation.

When Styles arrived in the arena with the OC, Cody was stopped from attacking him. The World Champion went straight to the ring and called out AJ. The security guards followed them soon and Aldis managed to take control of the situation. Rhodes was angry with Styles for faking his retirement. He challenged AJ for a fight later in the night.

As AJ was not up for the fight, given the fact that Aldis and the guards were in between them, Rhodes asked for Styles' explanation for his act. The phenomenal one claimed that he attacked Cody as he wanted a title shot. While Rhodes was ready for the fight, Styles said that he wanted nothing but title from him. Cody raised the stakes high with a massive announcement.

Contract signing next week

The American Nightmare agreed for the title defense at the Clash at the Castle. As AJ started to celebrate, Rhodes stopped him and reminded of a fact. The World Champion said that it would not just be a normal match and added that he wanted Styles to learn a lesson. Cody hence confirmed that it would be an 'I Quit' match in Glasgow when the two fight out each other.

Styles seemed to be a bit scared as Rhodes said that he wanted AJ to say what he tried to say the last week - 'I Quit'. Aldis seemed happy with the idea and confirmed the match in the upcoming PLE. The contract signing for the same is set to take place the next week. After the announcement, Rhodes tried to take on AJ, but the security guards interfered.

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