Bron Breakker spears Ilja Dragunov and Ricochet despite suspension

WWE: Due to his attacks on Raw last week, Bron Breakker was suspended for this week. Despite it, Breakker attacked the duo of Ilja Dragunov and Ricochet in the latest episode of Raw.

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Bron Breakker attacked Ilja Dragunov and Ricochet during their match on Raw. Last week on the red brand, Breakker wreaked havoc by taking out his opponent through a series of vicious spears. He later attacked Ricochet backstage for no reason. Adam Pearce asked for explanation and Bron said that it was upon him as he did not allow Bron to be a part of the King of the Ring.

Following his actions, Bron got suspended from Raw. After sustaining an injury on the rib cage, Ricochet seemed to be in pain. Yet, when confronted by Ilja Dragunov, he challenged the former NXT Champion for a match. Soon after it, the match happened between the Czar of NXT and the athletic Ricochet. It was yet another classic match between the duo.

Despite the injury, Ricochet put on a show and delivered a great performance. He seemed to be at his usual best as he took on Ilja. His athletic moves were brilliant to watch. Dragunov wrestled well and aimed to win. Ricochet escaped the first Constantin special. He worked outside the ring with a series of springboards. Ilja attempted to deliver a H bomb through the table, but Ricochet countered.

Bron Breakker's disrespect to Adam Pearce

The athletic wrestler delivered a Recoil and aimed to finish the match. As Ilja countered the move and aimed for H bomb, Ricochet pulled off his counter. That was when Bron Breakker came out of nowhere and delivered a vicious spear to Ricochet. The match got disqualified right there. Ilja tried to fight Breakker and momentarily saved himself. But Breakker speared him too.

An angry Adam Pearce came along with the security guards. He tried to explain and remind the former NXT Superstar of the fact that he was suspended the last week. Bron did not give any heed to the Raw GM almost as a mark of disrespect. It has been a busy night for Pearce so far having to manage a lot of chaos in the locker room. Managing Bron might be his biggest challenge recently.

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