5 possible crossovers between TNA and WWE with TKO up and running

Pro Wrestling: In the last few months, there have been a lot of crossovers between WWE and TNA. Here are the possible feuds that can take place in the days to come involving both companies.

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In the last few months, there have been a lot of crossovers between TNA and WWE. There have also been some moments where WWE has had crossovers with UFC. All of it has been possible thanks to the TKO board. They have been rather regular and one can expect more such crossovers in the days to come. It can draw the attention of the fans from both companies.

Jordynne Grace has been the biggest beneficiary of it, as she was able to take part in the Women's Royal Rumble match earlier this year and is now competing for the NXT Women's Championship at NXT Battleground, which is set to take place in the UFC Arena, which makes it a triple collaboration! Such crazy things can be expected by the fans in the coming days.

Here are the five potential bookings that can benefit both WWE and TNA in the days to come:

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5. Nic Nemeth to be a contender in the Money in the Bank


Nic Nemeth has a rich history with the Money in the Bank. He was often under-pushed as a wrestler in the period of Vince McMahon. However, WWE can correct the mistakes they did with him by providing an opportunity to feature in the upcoming top PLE of the company. He needn't necessarily be a winner, as there are many worthy candidates. But a spot to be able to compete in the match would do good for him and the fans.

4. Drew McIntyre vs Moose for the TNA Championship


Drew McIntyre recently posted an image of his in TNA being the World Champion. After the collaboration between TNA and WWE, there seems to be a lot of possibilities. One such being Moose vs Drew, though it isn't large. The Scottish Warrior can potentially challenge Moose for the world title, a belt whose value was increased by him during his stint in the company.

3. AJ Styles' induction into the TNA Hall of Fame


AJ Styles recently hinted about his retirement. There is an outside chance of him bidding adieu to Wrestling in the next few years. Before his ongoing stint with WWE, Styles was the top wrestler in TNA. He is one of the biggest stars of the company. To honour him with a TNA Hall of Fame in the current WWE roster would be one-of-its-kind plan which would be new for the fans.

2. Jordynne Grace vs Tatum Paxley for the TNA Women's Knockouts Championship


Jordynne Grace has been the focal point amidst the collaborations between TNA and WWE. She was a part of the Women's Royal Rumble earlier this year and is noe facing Roxanne Perez. In one of the segments on NXT earlier this week, Arianna Grace and Tatum Paxley were seen with Jordynne. The latter seemed to he hungry to win the title of Grace. It could actually lead to a good title match between the two.

1. Joe Hendry's appearance at the Clash at the Castle


Joe Hendry has been one of the most over wrestlers across companies currently. His charisma is on a different level and the fans adore him a lot. The Clash at the Castle is set to take place in Scotland's Glasgow. It will be the home country of Hendry. To maximize the impact of the event, WWE would not mind having him in the show. There is a good chance of him appearing in the show. In a post on X and other social media platforms, Joe had hinted about the potential crossover.

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