Roxanne Perez defends her title despite Tatum Paxley's impressive show

WWE: Roxanne Perez defended her NXT Women's Championship on NXT Spring Breakin. Despite the impressive performance from Tatum Paxley, Perez survived as the champion.

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Roxanne Perez

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Roxanne Perez managed to defend her NXT Women's Championship in the triple threat match. She received a tough competition from Tatum Paxley who put on a show in her maiden crack at the title. Tatum took away the limelight with her brilliant performance in the match and outshined the likes of Perez and Lyra Valkyria in the triple threat match for the title.

Perez won her maiden NXT Women's Championship at NXT Stand and Deliver 2024. She put on a great show and defeated Valkyria to win the title. The major win from Perez upset Paxley, who felt that it was a grave mistake from her mate to lose the title she loved. Hence, Paxley attacked Valkyria a couple of weeks ago. The three Superstars landed at a triple threat match.

Given Paxley's wish to claim the title and Perez's history with Valkyria, Ava announced the triple threat match between the three for the title. Perez was not too happy with the decision of NXT GM but prepared to defend her title with full confidence. The match turned out to be great and Paxley put on a stellar performance. She was the best performer in the ring despite losing the match.

Roxanne Perez survives as the champion

Right from the beginning, Tatum was all over the duo of Lyra Valkyria and Perez. She showed her capabilities as a wrestler and proved to be a candidate to be trusted for big matches in the days to come. Paxley had not wrestled a lot when she was under the shadow of the former NXT Women's Champion. But after setting herself free, Paxley seems to be at her best version. 

The fans were involved in the match. They rooted Paxley for the win given her performance in the match. The former mate of Lyra gave everything and came close to winning the match. Just when she was about to pin her former mate, Perez came out if nowhere and pinned Paxley to defend her title successfully. It was not an easy defense for Perez.