Top 5 Most expensive things owned by Lewis Hamilton

The British F1 rider Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful racers with seven world championship titles. However, he has a lot of fondness for luxurious items and today we will talk about his top 5 most expensive things.

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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton (Source: Twitter)

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The British Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton has been phenomenal on the racing tracks all around the globe. The man has been classy, speedy and furious with his amazing racing skills on F1 tracks. With some iconic triumphs on racing tracks, Hamilton has built a luxurious life for himself. 

From iconic watches to some modified supercars the seven-time World Champion owns some most expensive things as an athlete. So, in today’s article, we will discuss about the top 5 most expensive things in the possession of Lewis Hamilton. Notably, he has a net worth of more than 300 million US Dollars.

5. LaFerrari Limited Edition (1.07 million USD)

LaFerrari Limited Edition (Source: X)
LaFerrari Limited Edition (Source: X)

Being a Formula 1 racer having a supercar in his possession is not a surprising move for Lewis Hamilton fans. However, La Ferrari Limited Edition is a prized car for Hamilton as it is a limited edition that is owned by just a few people around the globe.

The car costs around 1.07 million US Dollars as it has a top speed of 349 km/h. With a top speed of 217 mph (349 km/h), this hybrid technology propelled the LaFerrari to its fastest road-going speed in the brand's history in less than seven seconds. It has a classic Ferrari V12 engine with 6.12-litre capacity.

4. Sun-seeker Yacht (3.7 million USD)

Sun-seeker Yacht (Source: X)
Sun-seeker Yacht (Source: X) 

Lewis Hamilton is among those few athletes who own a private yacht. The British F1 driver owns a Sun-seeker Yacht worth 3.7 million US Dollars. The 90-foot-long boat has a lot of lavish services. From a king-size bedroom to an on-boat bar it has everything to organize a post-race party.

This 26.30-meter planning yacht has a flybridge, four guest cabins, a 1.95-meter draft, and a top speed of 30 knots. The yacht may travel no more than 200 miles offshore and has a fibreglass/GRP hull with a CE certification class (B).

3. Monaco Apartment (15 million USD)

Monaco Mansion (Source: X)
Monaco Mansion (Source: X)

Monaco has a unique place in Lewis Hamilton’s heart as it has been an important part of all of his glory. Being one of the biggest paradises for F1 races Monaco has been phenomenal for its beauty. Hamilton being a fan of its beauty and its iconic views owns a mansion in the city.

The Monaco apartment costs around 15 million US Dollars to Hamilton as it has some iconic views and luxurious facilities. It's a simple yet luxurious refuge with four baths, a steam room, and a 300-square-foot sun patio.

2. Challenger 605 Private Jet (17.81 million USD)

Challenger 605 Private Jet (Source: X)
Challenger 605 Private Jet (Source: X) 

Rich people always use their assets to create more and more wealth and Lewis Hamilton is also one of them. The seven-time World Champion owns a magnificent business private jet which costs around 17.81 million US Dollars.

Notably, the luxurious jet has earned him around three and a half million Euro VAT rebate. The red-coloured aircraft, with its convertible beds and cutting-edge cockpit, epitomizes Hamilton's luxury while travelling by air.

1. London Mansion (25 million USD)

London Mansion (Source: X)
London Mansion (Source: X)

The British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton owns a huge mansion in his home country United Kingdom. The four-story mansion is situated in Kensington, London which is reported worth more than 25 million US Dollars.

The building has all the luxurious services and has a great view too. With six bedrooms, an expansive kitchen, and a 200-foot yard featuring a summer house, this property is a superb example in one of London's most prestigious neighbourhoods.

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