5 WWE superstars who never won the World Championship

Check out the 5 WWE superstars who never won the World Championship in their career.

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Cody Rhodes (Source: Britannica).webp

Cody Rhodes (Source: Britannica)

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Step into the squared circle as we shine a spotlight on the resilience and talent of WWE superstars who, despite their remarkable careers, never grasped the pinnacle of wrestling glory—the World Championship. In the world of sports entertainment, securing the coveted title is a symbol of ultimate success. 

However, these five exceptional performers have eluded this prestigious achievement. From awe-inspiring athleticism to captivating storytelling, these individuals have left an indelible mark on the WWE landscape. They are proving that greatness extends beyond championship gold. 

Here are the 5 WWE superstars who never won World Championship:

5. Sami Zayn 

Sami Zayn (Source: WWE)
Sami Zayn (Source: WWE)

Honorary Uce, aka Sami Zayn, is having the best time of his career with The Bloodline. Fans really love him, and he’s a true wrestling genius. If he could win a big title on the main roster (like he did in NXT), it would make his already amazing career even better.

He has been pitted in some title matches, but he has failed to perform in the much-needed game. Zayn’s fans would like him to make a comeback and get the best out of him to achieve the pinnacle of the game. 

4. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes (Source: WWE)
Cody Rhodes (Source: Forbes)

Someone who recently made a comeback in WWE Cody Rhodes is set to have some great times in his career. However, it looks like they’re aiming for a big win before leaving. This person has been really focused on this goal ever since coming back to WWE. Back in 2016, Cody took a chance on himself and left WWE. 

Now, he’s back, and he’s become a top superstar, headlining major events. What exciting moments could be waiting for him at WrestleMania? It seems like he’s determined to achieve something significant before his time in WWE is over. Let’s see what unfolds for Cody on this journey in the wrestling world.

3. Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper (Source: WWE)
Roddy Piper (Source: WWE)

Roddy Piper was truly great at wrestling, both fighting and talking. He was a bad guy, the opposite of Hulk Hogan, who was a really good guy in the 1980s. They even fought in the main event of the first WrestleMania together. 

Piper was so good that, in a different time, he would have won the big championship many times. But even without that, he’s remembered as one of the best in the ring and on the microphone, making a huge impact in wrestling, especially during the exciting times of the 1980s.

2. Goldust 

Goldust (Source: WWE)
Goldust (Source: WWE)

Wearing gold from head to toe, Goldust was a mysterious character in WWE’s golden era. Even though he won tag team championships and titles like Intercontinental and U.S., he never quite got the big world championship. Goldust’s story teaches us that success in WWE isn’t just about winning titles. 

He stood out with his unique personality and tricky mind games, showing that there’s more to making it big in the wrestling world than just getting championship belts. Despite not winning the top prize, Goldust left a lasting legacy, proving that WWE success is about more than just gold around your waist.

1. Scott Hall

Scott Hall (Source: Globalnews)
Scott Hall (Source: Globalnews)


Scott Hall has been one of the unluckiest superstars in WWE history. Despite having a good fan following and high-octane performances, he never reached the pinnacle of the wrestling industry. Playing for both WCW and WWE, he has been phenomenal with his moves and appearance. 

However, WWE always used him as a mid-carder and never even tried to pit him in a world championship game. The legendary wrestler recently passed away and left an incredible mark on his amazing career in WWE history.

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