Top 5 drivers with most podium finishes in Formula 1 history

Top five drivers with the most podium finishes in Formula 1 history and who holds the record for the most podium finishes in F1 history.

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Max Verstappen with Lewis Hamilton

Top 5 drivers with most podium finishes in Formula 1 history (Source: X)

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The Formula 1 race has been pinnacle of the motorsports. Every one of the grid fights for the prestigious title and 25 points to compete in the World Championship. However, apart from the race winners, two more players get a podium finish and receive a huge share of points for their teams.

Since the start of the World Championships in 1950, as many as 215 different drivers have taken the podium in Formula 1 races. Some have gone up on multiple occasions while some had one time wonder.

Let’s find out who has the most podium finishes in the history of Formula 1:


5. Fernando Alonso and Alain Prost (106 Podiums)

Fernando Alonso and Alain Prost

Fernando Alonso and Alain Prost have been one of the most iconic drivers throughout their careers. While Alonso has had a great season with Renault being a World champion in the 2005 and 2006 season, whereas Alain Prost is another legendary driver being a 4-time World Champion himself. There is no doubt that they were good enough to make this list with 106 Podium finishes in their career making them certified legends in the autosports scene.

4. Max Verstappen (107 Podiums)

Max Verstappen

Three-time reigning World Champion Max Verstappen has been phenomenal in the last four years. Since 2021 the Dutch driver has been the man to beat at the track with his iconic performances. Notably, Verstappen made his F1 debut in 2016 and has participated in 195 Grand Prix and has finished on the podium 107 times. It is safe to say Verstappen is going from strength to strength each season.

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3. Sebestian Vettel (122 Podiums)

Sebestian Vettel

Former Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel dominated the tracks for more than 15 years. Since his debut in 2007, Vettel has been very intimating on track as he won his first World Championship in 2010 and held that position till 2013. In his 15-year-long journey, Vettel finished on the podium in 122 out of 299 Grand Prix.


2. Michael Schumacher (155 Podiums)

Michael Schumacher

Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher has been sensational with his speed and skills on the track. His amazing racing skills combined with his extreme driving abilities he has dominated the paddock during his career. He won World Championships in 1994, 95, 2000, 01, 02, 03, and 04. In his career, he has finished on the podium 155 times. Schumacher is the only driver in F1 history to take podiums in every single race of a single season. In 2002 he won 11 out of 17 races, finished second in five and third in one.

1. Lewis Hamilton (199 Podiums)

Lewis Hamilton

Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has been phenomenal in Mercedes. Since joining the squad in 2013 he dominated the track till 2021. He has won six championships in the time frame with two second-position finishes. In his career, Hamilton has 199 podiums in 342 Grand Prix. He holds the record for second most podium finishes in a season with 17 finishes in five different seasons. Notably, with two more podium finishes Hamilton will become the first ever F1 driver to have 200 podium finishes.  

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