it's definitely a strange transition at the moment'- Lewis Hamilton opens up on leaving Mercedes for the next season

Lewis Hamilton opens up on details on why he will be leaving Mercedes for the next season. The 6-time champion gives a clear statement on why he will be changing his team going forward.

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There have been plenty of great Formula 1 racers who everyone has looked up to. The most popular teams in the circuit have been Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. The Mercedes teams have given us some great racers in the past few years who we all admire in the sporting world and have won a number of races. This is definitely one of the top teams in F1 which everyone is a major fan of.

One of the most popular racers in Mercedes right now is Lewis Hamilton. The British racer has been one of the most iconic figures in autosports with 7 World championships which he has won with the team. Hamilton is one of the most successful drivers and holds the record for the most championships won which he holds along with the legendary Micahel Schumacher. There is no doubt that he is regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the world.

Lewis Hamilton on leaving Mercedes

Though Hamilton has enjoyed a lot of success with Mercedes, it has been a real struggle for him this season where he is right now ninth this season 111 points behind Max Verstappen. He has also made it clear that he is going to leave Mercedes for Ferrari after the season as well. When asked about the reason for this decision the legendary driver has stated " I'm not leaving because I'm unhappy there. I'm not leaving because of relationship issues. They've been with me through thick and thin. So, it's definitely a strange transition at the moment."

With this Hamilton has made it clear that there is no grudges or problems he is facing with team and has further added saying " 

We exist to win. And when you're not winning, your perspective has to shift. And it's just then about chasing and it's about improvement. It's about coming together. How can we make improvements? How can we get back to where we want to be and rally everyone up? " With this it seems clear that it is a tactical move from the driver to make sure he is still on top of the game going forward.


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