Will Scottish TNA star Joe Hendry show up at Clash at the Castle?

WWE: There has been a crossover between TNA and the Stamford-based company in recent times. There is a lot of demand from fans for Joe Hendry to appear in the company.

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Will Scottish TNA star Joe Hendry show up at Clash at the Castle?

Will Scottish TNA star Joe Hendry show up at Clash at the Castle? (Source: X)

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There has been a crossover between WWE and TNA in the last few months. The focal point of it has been Jordynne Grace, who appeared in the women's Royal Rumble earlier this year. In recent times, she has been appearing on NXT. In Battleground earlier this week, Jordynne competed against Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women's Championship but lost it.

Thanks to the distraction from Ash by Elegance and Tatum Paxley, Grace lost her focus and got pinned by Perez. She is likely to be up against the two defending her title in the upcoming days. Additionally, the fans are hopeful of a similar crossover in the men's division. There is a huge demand from the fans for WWE to get Joe Hendry on their roster. 

In return to it, WWE has teased a potential crossover where the fans can witness the TNA star soon. In the latest episode on Monday Night Raw, when Damian Priest appeared as soon as Drew McIntyre said his name, Pat McAfee on the commentary box said "Say his name and he appears," which is the first line of the lyrics of the latest hit song of the Scottish TNA star.

Will Joe Hendry appear at Clash at the Castle?

Joe shared the video of the same on his X account. The other day, McIntyre was in an interview where he was asked about Hendry. The Scottish Warrior felt proud of the fellow Scottish star's song trending on ITune. It's worth noting that the song is trending over Taylor Swift's song. With him being over and his star presence at the top, WWE might not mind having him on their roster. 

At the Clash at the Castle, he can be called, after all, he is Scottish and the fans love him. It can produce one of the biggest pops of the night. If not in a feud, Hendry can appear in a guest role, as a commentator, or as a referee. He can also be called to perform a concert, given his success as a singer. 

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