Joe Hendry claims win for All Star with standing ovation

Pro Wrestling: Joe Hendry helped the team of All Star to claim a win on TNA Impact. The singer-wrestler got his finisher 'Standing Ovation' to claim a win for the faction.

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The main event of TNA Impact saw the Champions Challenge Cup, the first of its kind, where 16 wrestlers were up against each other. Matt Henry, Joe Hendry, Danni Luna, Ryan Nemeth, Jordy Threat, Eric Young, Steph De Langer, and Sami Callihan teamed up to take on Moose, Mustafa Ali, Eddie Edwards, Jordynne Grace, Brian Mayers, Alisha Edwards, Laredo Kid, and Mash Slamovich.

While the former was termed 'All Star', the latter was named as 'Team Champs'. All Star had those wrestlers without titles while Team Champs had all the title holders in the roster. It was a match for ages. One might have never seen such a match. The main event of Impact was as chaotic as it could get. It started with the two women wrestlers taking on each other - Ladies first!

Later on, it transitioned to be a chaos. Some of the biggest superstars in the world were around the ringside and there was no end to the joy from the fans. They chanted "TNA! TNA!", "This is Wrestling" and so many other chants that showed how great the match was. For every wrestler the fans cheered and made it a special event.

All Star beat Champs

The match had even competition. No team gained any sort of advantage for most parts. However, through the progression of the match, All Star started to gain a bit of momentum. There was chaos as barring the two men in the ring, Joe Hendry and Myers, all others got involved in a brawl. Hendry did not lose his focus and took the matter to himself to finish the match.

He delivered his finisher, the Standing Ovation, in a brilliant way. Joe successfully pinned Myers to claim a massive win for his side. Just when the All Star started to celebrate, lights went off. To the surprise of the fans, in came PCO and searched for certain object in the ring. He found a flower and handed it over the De Langer. It was a perfect ending to the night.

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