Where will Ricochet go following end of his 5-year contract with WWE?

WWE: Ricochet's contract with the Stamford-based company which lasted for 5 years came to an end. There are some good companies where he can have better growth.

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Where will Ricochet go following the end of his 5-year contract with WWE?

Where will Ricochet go following the end of his 5-year contract with WWE? (Source: X)

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Ricochet, in all likelihood, is erased from the stories of WWE TV. In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, the talented wrestler was taken out by Bron Breakker. Before the match between Breakker and Ilja Dragunov, Ricochet claimed to have Mad Dragon's back. He indeed had his back, as Prince Puma arrived in the arena to his assistance after Bron went violent.

After the match, Dragunov struggled to walk backstage. Bron attacked him from nowhere and delivered a vicious spear. Ricochet again came to Dragunov's assistance and tried to take our Breakker. This time, Bron was prepared for his attack. He took out Ricochet and injured his back by delivering a powerbomb through the glass pane of a car. Thereby, WWE erased his story.

At the end of the segment, Samantha Irvin, the girlfriend of Ricochet, was in tears. She wept on her way to the ambulance, as he was taken on the stretcher. Some are claiming that it might be an indication of her leaving the company as well, though the chances of it happening are less. The only such instance was when Renee Paquette left the company a year after Dean Ambrose went to AEW.

Is Ricochet joining AEW or TNA?

There are many wrestling companies that are welcoming Ricochet with both hands. While ROH and NJPW are good options, for someone in Ricochet's class, AEW and TNA seem to be the best options. In AEW, there is a good focus on the wrestlers who deliver classics and bangers week after week. Ricochet fits the bill well and can be useful in the roster.

NJPW is a company where some of the recent Bloodline additions like Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa have elevated their careers. TNA is that company where some of the former WWE stars have made a name for themselves. Either TNA or AEW seems to be his new destination. The latter might be the best option for him, given the focus on in-ring skills and matches rather than on promos and character development.


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