Lilian Garcia reveals story behind her return to RAW appearance

WWE: Former announcer Lilian Garcia returned to Monday Night Raw earlier this week. There is an interesting story behind her return that got changed from the initial plan.

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Lilian Garcia

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Lilian Garcia revealed the story and the plans behind her WWE return. Earlier this week, the former WWE announcer returned to Monday Night Raw for the first time since 2020. Garcia took to Instagram and posted a story where she wrote about her return. She wrote that the initial plan was totally different from what eventually transpired on the Monday Night Raw.

Garcia wrote that she planned to visit Raw just to say Hi to everybody. She then claimed that Triple H asked him to host the show. Lilian thanked the CCO of WWE for the opportunity. Garcia praised Samatha Irvin by saying that she was doing a wonderful job as a ring announcer. Lilian announced the match between Kofi Kingston and Gunther, which was a part of the King of the Ring 2024.

"I just stopped by to say hi to everybody. Next thing you know, I was on the show. It was so much fun. Triple H, thank you so much for including me in the show. Doing that with Samantha was so awesome," wrote Garcia. From 1999 to 2009, Garcia was the key announcer in the main roster. From 2009 to 2011, she took a bit of a break before returning to the company in 2011.

'There’s nothing like a live Raw event' - Lilian Garcia

She was the announcer till 2016 before moving away from the company. In her story, Lilian thanked the fans for the reception she got. Garcia added that she missed the fans and expressed her happiness about the pop she got. Lilian hoped the fans enjoyed the night and claimed that there is nothing like Monday Night Raw.

"The fans and the reception that I got, you guys are amazing. I miss you. I’m just so glad that I can pop in every now and then. I hope you guys had fun tonight because there’s nothing like a live Raw event. Until next time, I love you," wrote Garcia. In the ring, she was welcomed by Kofi Kingston who had his match against the Ring general.

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