Jordynne Grace amazed by benefits she's getting by WWE-TNA colab

WWE: Jordynne Grace reacted to the opportunity she has been getting to feature in both TNA and WWE. The TNA Knockouts World Champion will take on Roxanne Perez in NXT Battleground.

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Jordynne Grace

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Jordynne Grace spoke about the opportunities she has been getting to be a part of both WWE and TNA at the same time. The TNA Knockouts Women's Champion has appeared in WWE in many instances ever since the TKO board was formed. In an interview recently, she was asked about the collaboration between the two top wrestling companies. She was happy to be a part of both companies at the same time.

Grace will be taking on Roxanne Perez in the NXT Battleground. Two titles will be on the line in the upcoming PLE of NXT, which has received a great deal from the fans. Speaking about the same in the interview, Grace revealed why she never wanted to be a part of WWE despite getting a lot of offers from the top wresting company in the world. 

The TNA star said that she was fine with what she was doing and wanted to continue doing that. Jordynne felt that working with TNA and WWE concurrently is like a dream come true moment. Grace added that she did not know how WWE would react when she rejected their offers but got surprised with the recent collaborations. 

WWE's crossovers with other companies

The TNA Knockouts Women's Champion felt it was not the right time to leave TNA and join WWE when her contract expired last year. Now that she has been able to be a part of both rosters, the mighty wrestler feels she is getting the best of both worlds. In the last few months, the TKO board has been responsible for some major crossovers in their rosters.

Grace herself was a part of it as she entered the women's Royal Rumble 2024. Charlie Dempsey was a part of one of the episodes in AJPW. For the first time ever, NXT Battleground will be taking place in the UFC Arena. More such collaborations are likely to happen in the upcoming days. The fans are excited to see what's in store for them in the days to come.

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