Vince McMahon no longer part of WWE after selling his TKO shares

WWE: The latest sources claim that Vince McMahon has sold his TKO shares for a price of over $776M. It means that the former WWE CEO is no longer a part of the company.

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Vince McMahon has reportedly sold his TKO shared he held for a few months. The latest reports claim that the former WWE CEO has sold his TKO shares for around $776M. If what sources claim are to be believed, McMahon might no longer be a part of the company he once owned. While the shares are yet to be bought, it is officially being considered to be sold. 

"The filing makes the shares eligible for sale but doesn't mean they will be sold. In practice across the corporate world, such filings typically result in the sale of the listed shares shortly after," the report claimed. McMahon was one of the key stakeholders in TKO when it was formed in September 2023. The merging of UFC with WWE led to the formation of the new group.

Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc has the majority of the shares in TKO. Earlier this year, a lawsuit was directed against Vince by Janel Grant, one of the former employees of WWE. The allegations were made against Mr McMahon, WWE executives, and an unnamed WWE Superstar on the grounds of sexual assault, trafficking, and physical and emotional abuse. 

Vince McMahon claims himself clean

The case between Grant and Vince has been in progress since January 2024. It shook the Wrestling world and many could not believe it to be true. Post the allegations, Vince released a press statement and claimed himself innocent. Vince claimed that he did not commit anything as claimed by Grant and added that he would defend himself. However, McMahon resigned from his post.

In the statement, the former WWE CEO added that due to the respect he had for WWE, partners and constituents, the employees, Superstars, TKO, its stakeholders, and the board members, he decided to resign from his post. Vince owned WWE in 1982 and was the head at the helm of things for over 4 decades. Vince did not hesitate to involve himself in some of the storylines. In the Attitude Era, Vince was one of the top heels himself. 


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