Jordynne Grace and Roxanne Perez put their belts on line in NXT Battleground

WWE: Jordynne Grace will take on Roxanne Perez on NXT Battleground in a match of its kind. The TNA Knockouts Champion and the NXT Women's Champion will out their belts on line.

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In a first of its kind match on NXT Battleground, a TNA Champion will be taking on the NXT Champion. Jordynne Grace, the TNA Knockouts Champion, will be up against Roxanne Perez, the NXT Women's Champion. Both the belts will be on line and the winner takes all. After the formation of the TKO Group, such innovative steps are being taken by NXT and other rosters.

For the first time in the history, the UFC Arena will be hosting an NXT PLE. In the Battleground, a lot of historic matches are set to take place. Jordynne vs Perez might be a battle we didn't know we wanted. As Roxanne asked Ava for her next opponent, the NXT GM introduced Grace. The crowd went crazy as the music of Grace popped up.

Perez was shocked to see that. Jordynne claimed that Perez did a great job as an NXT Women's Champion, just like she has as a TNA Knockout Champion. Grace wanted to know who has better foundation on their rosters in terms of foundation. It is not the first instance of Grace featuring in WWE. Earlier this year, Grace was in the PLE and gave an impressive performance.

Jordynne Grace vs Stevie Turner next week

Jordynne was in the Women's Royal Rumble match as a special entrant. WWE knows her pretty well. However, who did not understand the purpose of setting up the match between Perez and Grace was Stevie Turner. The NXT Superstar asked Ava the criteria of Grace getting a title shot at Roxanne. The TNA star heard the conversation and said that Stevie was right in asking so.

The TNA Knockout Champion hence challenged Turner for a match on NXT the upcoming week before taking on Perez on Battleground. The NXT GM confirmed the match for the next week. Grace would be hoping to make an impact and show why she deserves a title shot. On the other hand, Turner would be hoping to defeat Jordynne and show why she dies not deserve a title shot.

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