Wimbledon 2024: 5 shocking upsets in the tournament so far

Wimbledon 2024 has been full of surprises. Find out about the 5 most shocking upsets of the tournament so far, only on Sports.Info. Which players have made the list?

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The Wimbledon has given us a lot of big surprises throughout its run and this time we will be looking at some of the surprising results of this edition as well. It has been a great tournament for some players, but it has also been a disappointing one for some as well. There are some top players who are included in this list of results, which has shocked a lot of fans.

Though this might be a disappointing moment for some fans as well as these upsets meaning that their favourite players in the tournament will not be featuring in the tournament anymore, it also shows the unpredictable nature of the game where we finally see some great players being created amongst the best. This season has also seen games like this as well.

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So, here we will be looking at the top 5 upsets of Wimbledon 2024 so far:

5. Andrey Rublev loss to Francisco Comesana


There is no doubt that Andrey Rublev is currently having one of his worst forms in the game this season where all he has gotten hold of is one Madrid Open title. But we still expect the World number 6 to win against an unseeded player in the first round of the tournament. This is another disappointing tournament for the Russian and he once again has failed to win another major trophy.

4. Casper Ruud loss to Fabio Fognini


Unlike Rublev Casper Ruud on the other hand has had a great season where he has been winning some titles and did impress us a bit in the Roland Garros as well. He was up against former top-10-ranked player Fabio Fognini in the second round. We all expected Ruud to dominate an out-of-form Fognini, but he was in for a surprise as the Italian went on to beat him in a 4-set game. This was another heartbreak for Ruud who might have to wait longer to get his hands on a Grand Slam title in his career.

3. Naomi Osaka's loss to Emma Navarro


We all waiting for the day when Naomi Osaka finally finds some form and gets back to the top of the charts this season. She also showed some great performances in the middle. Unfortunately, the former world number one had to face a disappointing defeat against a young and upcoming player Emma Navarro. The straight loss results in another early exit for the 4-time Grand Slam winner, who has failed in the Wimbledon once again.

2. Marketa Vandrousova's loss to Jessica Bousaz


Marketa Vandrousova was one of the upcoming talents in tennis and she came into the limelight last year after winning the Wimbledon last year. she was going into this tournament as the defending champion and there were a lot of high expectations from her. However, the Czech number one player lost to an unseeded player Jessica Bousaz in two straight sets ending her title defense. we all expected Vandousova to at least get to the playoffs but unfortunately, she could only make it as far as round 2.

1. Stefanos Tsitsipas loss to Emil Ruusuvuori


Stefanos Tsitsipas does not really have the best of luck in the Grand Slams and he proved that once again as he loses against an inexperienced and unseeded player in Emi Ruusuvuori. This was another shocking performance from the Greek God as he not only gave away the first two tiebreaker sets but finished the game in the worst possible fashion. This was another example of why Tsitsipas despite being a highly talented individual has not reached those higher levels of the game yet. 

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