The young Bucks beat Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal, Daniels gets fired

AEW: The young Bucks emerged victorious against the duo of Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal. After the match, Daniel was fired from the company by the Elite.

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The young Bucks managed to claim a win over the tag duo of Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal. Nicholas Jackson started the match for the young Bucks against Sydal. Nicholas delivered a pieface and Sydal returned the favor with a hamstring kick and a jumping knee. He then attempted for a whip, which was reversed. What followed was a brilliant satellite-bridging schoolboy.

Sydal managed to kick out at two and tagged Daniels. He delivered a bird glove and clubbed blows in the corner. Jackson went for the whip which was reversed. A punch from Daniels meant Nicholas was out of the ring. Nicholas delivered a back suplex, but Christopher managed to land on his feet and tagged back Matt. A fired-up Sydal came out all guns blazing. Jack Perry was a special commentator for the match.

Nicholas executed his whip and followed it up with an STO and a standing corkscrew moonsault. He delivered a diving double axhandle before the break. The Bucks dominated their opponents all over. A leg kick and a big elbow tired Sydal who came back well with a double Frankensteiner. As Sydal tagged Chris, Jackson delivered a slide under a Superkick, a whip, and a Death Valley driver.

Christopher Daniels gets fired

Christopher found himself all alone as Sydal looked tired and out. The Bucks dominated him. Jackson delivered a Tony Khan Driver. He then pinned Chris to claim an impressive win for the tag team champions. Daniels and Sydal will not have a title shot as per the condition. The young Bucks addressed the aggression of Daniels in the last week on Dynamite.

The EVP did not like the domination of Christopher the past week and avenged the incident by firing him out of the arena. The Bucks made good use of the power they had. They showed the consequences of taking them on in the roster. The Elite got the security guards to escort Daniels out of the arena. h is likely to be out of action for the next 30 days. 



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