WATCH: Jack Perry issues warning to Eddie Kingston on behalf of The Elite

AEW: Jack Perry issued a stern warning to Eddie Kingston and the team of AEW ahead of Double or Nothing. The Elite will be taking on the AEW in the upcoming PPV event.

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Jack Perry issued a stern warning to the team of AEW and Eddie Kingston. The Elite will be taking on the team of AEW in Double or Nothing which has the likes of Eddie, Bryan Danielson, and the FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood). Ahead of the upcoming PPV event, Jack cut a promo and issued a warning to Kingston to make a firm statement.

In front of the hoardings, the trio of the Young Bucks and Perry had a bit of conversation. Perry claimed that Kingston was up against the wrong team the last week on Collision. Jack claimed that he was surprised as he thought Eddie to be a "Real One". Perry claimed that Eddie tells everyone what and who he is. He added that Kingston represented a bunch of fake people.

Watch the video of Perry's warning here -

Perry claimed that Eddie joined the wrong team. He believed that the people in the team 'AEW' were full of fake people. Jack claimed that Kingston would be paying for joining the wrong team as he did in the latest episode of Rampage. Representing the Elite, Perry added that Eddie would pay until they decide that his debt is paid.

Improved promo skills of Jack Perry

Perry concluded by saying that everyone must sacrifice something and said that Eddie would lose everything, as the Young Bucks had a smile. Bryan Danielson and Kingston joined the FTR to be the team 'AEW'. In the Double or Nothing which is set to happen later this month, the four wrestlers will be taking on the Elite hoping to avenge the attack on Kenny Omega and Tony Khan.

It looks like the promo-delivering abilities of Perry have improved in a massive way. Before his hiatus from AEW, Perry was not that good at cutting promos. However, the break has probably helped Jack to rediscover himself. The fans took to social media and felt the same. It was a great promo and Perry seemed like the leader of the pack. The new Elite seems to be very good.

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