Eric Bischoff picks one among Vince Russo and Tony Khan to work with

WWE: In a recent interview, Eric Bischoff gave his opinion on the potential experience of working with Vince McMahon and Tony Khan. It came after the AEW Founder took a dog at his podcast.

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Eric Bischoff gave his opinion on working under Vince Russo and Tony Khan. In a recent interview, the former WWE Superstar spoke about the working style of the two scriptwriters of Wrestling. While Khan is doing a good job in handling AEW and its stories despite being the owner of a team in the EPL and the NFL, Eric does not seem to be a big fan of him.

Vince Russo is someone who made a name for himself for scripting stories. In the Attitude Era, he worked with Vince McMahon and scripted some compelling stories like Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mr MaMahon, and so on. Eric regarded working with Russo could providing a better degree of success than working with Tony.

Eric regarded working under Russo as a challenge firsthand and added that it is manageable. He regarded Khan as someone who thinks one way, plans the other way, and executes things in an entirely different way.  "Tony Khan has one way of doing things, sees one thing in his head at any given moment, and that's what's going to happen. Regardless of any of the reasons why something else should be considered," said Bischoff in the interview.

'He just has a show, a podcast, that is largely devoted to taking shots at us' - Tony Khan

It was a response to the statement from Khan who claimed that Bischoff runs YouTube podcasts whose sole purpose is to make views by targeting AEW. Tony believed that not many wrestling companies have established themselves in the AEW in the past decade. He was happy with the crowds and sellouts the company was delivering week after week.

"Eric [Bischoff] and I do have something in common. I do respect his accomplishments. He just has a show, a podcast, that is largely devoted to taking shots at us, and a lot of it isn't rational, logical, or truthful. I don't think those things seem to matter to him anymore," said Tony in an interview as he targeted the podcast of the former WWE Superstar. 

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