'You ain't sacrificed sh*t' - Dustin Rhodes cuts fiery promo to address The Elite's Jack Perry in AEW Dynamite

Pro Wrestling: Dustin Rhodes cut a great promo in the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. The son of Dusty Rhodes replied to the comments of Perry who claimed to have made a lot of sacrifices.

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Dustin Rhodes cuts promo against Jack Perry on AEW Dynamite

Dustin Rhodes cuts fiery promo to address Jack Perry of the Elite in AEW Dynamite (Source: X)

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Dustin Rhodes cut a fiery promo against Jack Perry. The duo will be taking on each other next week on Dynamite. The winner of the match will progress to the ladder match which will decide the TNT Champion. Earlier in the night, Dustin claimed a win against Johnny TV in the scheduled match. The challenger of Perry pinned Johnny after delivering his finisher.

After the match, he addressed the member of The Elite with a fiery promo. The former WWE Superstar replied to Jack joining the Elite. 'Goldust' regarded it to be a disgrace to attack someone who gives him the paycheck, pointing out his attack on the AEW owner Tony Khan in the AEW Dynasty where he returned to action following his injury in August 2023. 

Perry has been claiming himself to be a 'scapegoat' playing the victim card, which did not go well with Rhodes. The brother of Cody Rhodes replied to the 'Sacrifice' comments of Jack. Dustin claimed that Jack does not know a sh*t about the word 'Sacrifice'. It seemed as if Dusty Rhodes was speaking on behalf of his son, as Dustin gave a fiery promo almost similar to his 'Hard Times' promo.

Dustin Rhodes makes huge claim against Jack Perry on AEW Dynamite

He later addressed his match against Jack next week. Dustin confirmed that Perry could not beat him fair and square without using foul tricks. He brought a breath of fresh air in his promo and gave a touch of Goldust by saying Perry “will never forget the name” after he kicks his as* on AEW Dynamite next week. The fans rallied behind the experienced wrestler throughout the segment.

After the promo, it was revealed by the commentary team that no individual would be allowed at the ringside during the match between Perry and Dustin next week. It will be interesting to see whether Perry can pick up a win against the star wrestler without getting any sort of assistance. For Rhodes, it will just be about going right with his basics and sticking to the plans.

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