WATCH: Death triangle return to AEW dynamite

Pro Wrestling: Death Triangle returned in the latest episode of AEW Dynamite. To even the odds against the Bang Bang Gang, PAC got the Lucha bro trio as a backup.

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Death Triangle returned to action in the latest episode of Dynamite. The Lucho bro trio was out of action since January 2023 after taking part in the tag team Championship match. PAC got them back on a mission. PAC himself returned to action the last week after recovering from the injury he sustained a week after AEW Dynasty 2024. On his return, PAC claimed an impressive win.

That was when the Bang Bang Gang cut a promo and threatened him to stay away from their business. Jay White issued a stern warning saying that poking in nose into his business would not have a good result. PAC kept wondering what could be done. The return of Death Triangle would have definitely strengthened him. After the Bang Bang Gang had its glory today, PAC cut a promo.

Watch the return of the Death Triangle here -

In the promo, he addressed the trio claiming that him being a lone warrior against the trio would not be fair. He claimed that he got a backup to face them. That was when the music of the Death Triangle hit. The fans went crazy as the trio of Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero, and PAC returned for the first time in over 16 months.

Bang Bang Gang in disbelief

Jay White and Gunn brothers were in total disbelief. The trio had unified the tag titles earlier this year and have been a force to reckon with since then. It needed a counter force to take them on. Death Triangle might just be the exact solution. In Jan 2023, the trio lost the match to the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega in a tag team championship match.

Their return was received well by the fans, after all it was one of the most anticipated ones in recent times. The feud between the Death Triangle and the Bang Bang Gang could be great considering the skill sets of the wrestlers, be it on promos, the in-ring skills, or the backstage interviews, they can nail everything. This is a good faceoff to watch out for.

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