Tony Khan to run AEW from Jacksonville following attack from the Elite and Jack Perry on Dynamite

AEW: A major update regarding Tony Khan's medical condition has been revealed on the latest episode of Collision. The President might handle business from Jacksonville.

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A major update has come out regarding Tony Khan's medical condition on AEW Collision. The President of the company is likely to operate business from Jacksonville. Following multiple bruises on his body, the AEW founder had to undergo a neck surgery. According to the sources, due to severe pain, Tony will not be able to handle business by being in the office every episode. 

Last week on AEW Dynamite, Tony was addressed by Jack Perry who returned to AEW after 8 months. Perry made his appearance on AEW Dynasty PPV event. To apologize Tony for his past mistakes, Perry called the AEW boss on stage. He requested Khan to readmit him in the company. Tony was happy to have his former employee back. Khan was to receive the shocker of his life.

Just when the AEW boss was celebrating the moment by giving heads up to Perry, the latter attacked the former to everyone's surprise. Perry punched Tony's stomach and the latter fell off. The Elite came to look what happened to their boss. Kazuchika Okada questioned the actions of Perry. They seemed to be concerned about the well being of the boss. Tony seemed to recover from the shock.

Shocker of life for Tony Khan

Just when he looked alright, Okada and the young bucks turned against Khan. As Perry sported an evil smile on his face, the young Bucks delivered a tomb stone to AEW boss. The medical team came to Tony's aid and took him off the stretcher. The Elite claimed that they wanted to bring AEW's glory back. Jack blamed Tony for costing 8 months of his career. 

In the last week after the Dynamite, Tony was seen in the AEW show with an injured neck. His head was in severe pain too. Tony got his surgery for neck before appearing in the office. Given his medical condition, Tony might be working from Jacksonville, where he's handling the NFL and the English Premier league teams as well. It is interesting to see where the story goes forward. 

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