Top Esports to meet T1 at Esports World Cup League of Legends grand finals

T1 became the first team to reach the Legends grand finals at the Esports World Cup, with Top Esports following close behind after defeating G2 Esports.

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Top Esports to face T1

Top Esports to face T1 at LoL Esports World Cup LoL grand final (Image - EWC)

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G2 Esports have now bid farewell to their chances of securing the Esports World Cup League of Legends grand finals as Top Esports utterly dominated them in the semifinals. The team once again went 2-0 to take down G2 and showed no sign of stopping.

Prior to this, Top Esports defeated GenG who also saw a similar fate which shocked many fans of how well the team is doing especially against one of the best teams in the competitive League of Legends scene. With this win, they will now be joining T1 at the grand finals to fight for that trophy in the best of five and $400,000 prize.

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The opening game did see G2 fight, however, the following match was totally dominated by Top Esports. While G2 Fans were left stunned, most are hyped for the grand finals that they wanted to see for quite some time now.

T1 bests Team Liquid to become the first team in Grand Finals

Before Top Esports made it to the grand finals, T1 took down Team Liquid in an intense battle that many would agree was worth watching. The opening match alone kept the fans on the edge as Team Liquid went on to secure the match after 40 long minutes.

The second match also saw great effort from Team Liquid to close the series, but T1 managed to take the game into the decider game. The final match also saw a similar graph, leading to a second victory for T1 and knocking Liquid out of the race.

While Team Liquid might have lost the game, they certainly managed to win the hearts of LoL fans, who hope that they keep this up across other tournaments. As for the grand finals, the winning team will also be secure 1,000 club points, while the runner-up will get 600 points.