G2 and Top Esports to meet at semifinal for League of Legends Esports World Cup event

G2 takes down FlyQuest while Top Esports defeats GenG in a surprising 2-0 victory at the League of Legends quarterfinals, both teams to face each other in the semis.

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G2 defeats FlyQuest at Esports World Cup

G2 takes down FlyQuest at Esports World Cup (Source - EWC)

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Following T1 and Team Liquid, G2 and Top Esports have also made their way to the League of Legends semifinals and will be facing each other on July 6. Top Esports companies have defeated Gen G to take home a swift victory, while G2 Esports have managed to take down FlyQuest after exchanging some punches.

For a while now, Gen G has been on a hot streak, taking home the LCK Spring 2024 and Mid-Season Invitational 2024. Before this, the team also had a great 2023 with multiple LCK tournaments in the bad before losing to Bilibili Gaming at Worlds 2023. Their 0-2 loss has surprised many of their fans.

Fans of other teams were quick to make fun of Gen G. One wrote, “They saw the word ‘world’ and assumed it was worlds and decided to lose,” while another person wrote, “So they just need to put ‘world’ in any tournament name to buff T1 and nerf GenG? Lmao.”

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G2 Esports takes down FlyQuest in a reverse sweep

Things were not looking great for G2 starting as the team lost their first game against FlyQuest. G2 fans were sweating after a 40-minute-long struggle to bring back the game in their favour, which failed. However, the team did make a comeback and quite a big one afterwards.

The next two matches saw G2 Esports reassure their fans that they weren’t done yet and went on to secure the next two matches and made it into the semifinals to face Top Esports.

With this loss, FlyQuest and Gen G have now joined Fnatic and Bilibili Gaming in the bottom four teams at the event, closing out their run at the Esports World Cup quite early. The winner will now face off to reach the grand finals for that $400,000 prize and 1000 club points.

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