Team Falcons become the first ever Esports World Cup champions for CoD Warzone

Team Falcons swoops away the first championship trophy of the Esports World Cup for CoD Warzone in a dominating fashion in both the group stage and the grand finals.

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Team Falcons Esports World Cup

Team Falcons Esports World Cup CoD Warzone Championship (Image - EWC)

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The Call of Duty (CoD) Warzone events at the Esports World Cup has concluded, and Team Falcons are the ones writing their name on it. The team once again dominated their opponents to take home the championship trophy along with $200,000.

Team Falcons and Fnatic were also the only two teams securing over 200 points in the playoffs and while Falcons had established themselves as a threat already, Fnatic’s performance was also very commendable. The org recently signed the trio to enter the CoD Warzone scene and the team is seemingly doing wonders.

Playoffs overview

While the first game for finals was opened up by Twisted Minds with a victory, Team Falcons were right behind in the second spot and went on to secure the next match after an intense zone battle against Fnatic. In a response, Fnatic then went on to take the third and fourth game, shifting the dynamics of the leaderboard.

Following that, Team Destroy secured the fifth match but with only 12 points as most of the time, the kill feed was lit by Team Vitality and Guild Esports who stepped up their game for a brief moment before Team Falcons took away once again with another dominating victory.

The final two matches saw NaVi and SvGe Esports finally step up a bit after a long silence. The sixth match, however, went to New Icons. NaVi were taken down a bit early but still managed to put some good number, landing them in the top five, while SvGe secured the most points in the final match to land on the sixth spot.

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Team Falcons to close the game by securing the final match as well as the championship with 227.9 points. The team also managed to secure 1,000 Club Points for their org to progress towards the club championship race and is currently running on top.

Final Standings

Team Falcons 227.9 points
Fnatic 208.2 points
Twisted Minds 179.3 points
Guild Esports 123.7 points
Natus Vincere 106.8 points
SvGe Esports 103.7 points
New Icons 94.8 points
Singapore Syndicate 92.2 points
Team Vitality 88.6 points
OMiT 82 points
Team Destroy 67.8 points
Team xizx7 55.8 points
Team iZund 46.8 points
Team Heretics 41.6 points


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