Faker’s T1 moves to semifinals at ongoing League of Legends event at Esports World Cup

T1 have now defeated their rivals Bilibili Gaming at the ongoing Legends tournament at Esports World Cup and secured their spot in the semifinals.

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T1 Faker Esports World Cup

T1 secured semifinals at Esports World Cup (Source - EWC)

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The League of Legends (LoL) tournament at Esports World Cup commenced on July 4 and fans got to witness the unkillable demon king, Faker, back in action quite early T1 clashed against Bilibili Gaming in the quarterfinals for the million-dollar event.

This is also the first time in years, Riot Games have allowed any third-party event for LoL or any of their games. The event itself is going to wrap up soon, possibly due to the same reason, as all teams were directly invited to the playoffs leading to the grand finals.

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T1 took the opening match, however, Bilibili Gaming quickly equalized the score. Since the match-up was best of three, both teams were now under intense pressure to win, and T1 managed to beat their rivals and make their way into the semis.

With this win, T1 have finally taken their revenge against Bilibili Gaming for the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational where they lost 1-3 against them in the upper bracket semifinals and 2-3 after reaching the lower bracket finals which landed T1 in the third spot.

Team Liquid to clash with T1 next

In the same bracket, Team Liquid sized up Fnatic with an easy 2-0 victory to also move to the semifinals. However, they will now be facing T1 in the next round and will need to perform their best if they plan to challenge the best League of Legends team in the world.

Team Liquid’s previous encounter was also after similar circumstances after they defeated Fantic in the lower bracket round 1 to meet with T1 and face defeat in the lower bracket quarterfinals. On the other side, Top Esports is set to face is set to face Gen G while FlyQuest will go against G2 Esports to secure a spot in the semifinals.