Team Falcons secure all four CoD Warzone matches at Esports World Cup

The final day of group stage matches for CoD Warzone at Esports World Cup saw Team Falcons dominate their remaining four matches to enter the grand finals.

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Team Falcons Cod Warzone

Team Falcons dominating CoD Warzone Group Stage (Source - EWC)

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The third day at the Call of Duty (CoD) Warzone group stage at the Esports World Cup saw domination from Team Falcons, who secured all four of the remaining matches to enter the top 14 finals with an insane score margin.

Day 1 for the group stage saw the team struggle a bit before ultimately securing their first win. Despite that, the team managed to stay on top, even by a small margin, all credit goes to their huge victory in match three with 48 points.

The second day of the CoD Warzone group stage saw total domination from Team Falcons from the beginning. With back-to-back wins, their spot in the finals was already secured. Even after that, they went on to secure the remaining two matches. With the group stage concluded, Team Falcons now sit with five wins out of eight matches.

However, the players also know that performing on the group stage does not matter. “Job’s not finished, today doesn't matter if we don't win tomorrow,” Biffle said, which is true as the main test of their mettle is in the finals against the other 13 teams that they have to go against.

NaVi bounces back and takes over Fantic

NaVi once again started their remaining matches with sub-par performance, after all, they went against Team Falcons across two matches, and we all know how that went for every team in their lobby. However, NaVi dominated in their other two matches, making significant progress in their rank.

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Fnatic on the other hand weren’t that lucky enough as they were in the same group as Team Falcons and despite decent performance, their remaining four matches didn’t go as quite what they expected. Regardless, the team also qualified for the grand finals and as Team Falcons said, the group stage does not matter if the team isn’t able to keep the performance up in the finals.

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