Navi and Fnatic's new CoD roster putting up good performance at the Esports World Cup

Navi and Fnatic's new CoD Warzone roster surprises fans with a great performance at the Esports World Cup, while Cloud9 is struggling to keep up.

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Fnatic and NaVi rocking in CoD Warzone at Esports World Cup

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The group stage for the Call of Duty Warzone tournament at the Esports World Cup is halfway done and while Team Falcons is currently reigning on top, Fantic and NaVi are also not doing so badly, especially Fnatic who is trailing Team Falcons.

NaVi and Fnatic recently unveiled their Call of Duty Warzone rosters after joining the Esports World Cup Club Program that was launched to further support esports organizations financially. A total of 30 org were named as part of the program.

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On the other hand, a few others like Cloud9 and Gaimin Gladiators are still struggling to climb the ranks and are currently among the lower ranks which are facing a threat of elimination. A total of 21 teams are currently competing in the event, with only the top 14 set to make it into the Finals.

Here are the current standings for all teams

Team Falcons 97.2 points
Fnatic 87 points
SvGe Esports 86.8 points
Team Heretics 72.4 points 
Team iZund 69.4 points
Guild Esports 69.4 points
Natus Vincere 68 points
Singapore Syndicate     64.2 points
New Icons 58.8 points
Team Destroy 57.6 points
Twisted Minds 54.4 points
Team Vitality 54.2 points
Team xizx7 52.6 points
Al Ula 49.6 points
OMiT 43.8 points
BSL 40.2 points
Vision Esports 31 points
Cloud9 29 points
Onyx Ravens 22.4 points
All Gamers 22.4 points
Gaimin Gladiators 19.8 points

Fnatic had a decent opening match against Group A but started dominating in the second match, taking the most points and the top spot. However, they were overtaken by Team Falcons in the following match against Group C despite that, the team managed to secure the second spot.

NaVi on the other hand also had a great game against Group B similar to Fnatic, but the team fumbled the bag in the next two matches against Group A where SvGe Esports dominated the matches and Team xizx7 made a comeback with a huge win.