Fortnite brings huge changes to Ranked game mode with removal of vehicles

The Latest Fortnite patch removes the much requested Nitro Fists and Vehicles from ranked mode for both build and no-build with All Sweat Summer event.

New Update
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

No more armoured vehicles and nitro fists in Fortnite (Source - Epic Games)

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Epic Games has now decided to make some much-awaited changes in Fortnite with the removal of Vehicles and Nitro Fists after a majority of the player base expressed their displeasure with these additions in Chapter 5 Season 3.

In an official post, Fortnite wrote, “During All Sweat Summer, Ranked Battle Royale and Zero Build will be switching things up a bit! From July 4 to July 18. Vehicles and vehicle items are disabled, including Boss Cars. Nitro Fists are also disabled. Characters are no longer Hireable, but hostile Characters and Bosses (and their Medallions) are still present.”

Players who are still encountering this equipment need to remember that these changes were done only in ranked mode, so unranked games will still have players flying around with nitro fists or going ham with modded vehicles.

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Why were Fortnite players leaving?

The latest season of Fortnite introduced a new form of combat besides your usual seasonal weapons, armoured vehicles. These were customizable vehicles that came with the Mad Max/Fallout wasteland theme and fitted in quite well.

However, there was an issue, the new equipment including the Vehicles and Nitro Fists were too strong. Players were able to mod their Vehicles with turrets, while nitro fists dealt insane damage. A wave of complaints started flooding various social media with players expressing how frustrating these things have become, especially inside ranked game mode despite getting nerfs.

The player count also reportedly tanked, with players taking a break from the game until the next season or switching to the new Reload game mode that was immensely popular on release due to its nostalgic theme and constant revive feature.

Thankfully, it seems they won’t have to wait too long with the latest update. All the annoyances that players complained about have now been removed from ranked mode. It remains to be seen if the decision is effective in bringing back the players.