Former dev reveals GTA 5 DLC was cut down due to GTA Online

In a recent interview, a former developer at Rockstar Games revealed GTA 5 story DLC featuring Trevor was cancelled after GTA Online did too well.

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GTA 5 DLC featuring Trevor cancelled due to GTA Online (Image Via - Rockstar Games)

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has been one of the biggest and the longest running franchise. So much so that GTA 5 is current the second best-selling game across the entire world after minecraft, with the same trick of releasing the same game year after year across multiple platforms.

Jokes aside, it is also one of the best single-player open world games, which sadly did not get any story expansion. There have been leaks about data miners regarding multiple DLCs planned which wasn’t released. It turns out, the real culprit behind that was everyone’s beloved GTA Online.

Former GTA dev makes a big but not-so-surprising claim

During a recent interview with SanInPlay, a former Rockstar game developer Joe Rubino reveals that GTA 5 had story DLC, in-fact he was one of those who worked on it. The DLC was based around one Trevor Philips and, as per Rubino, it was ‘kick-ass’.

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Sadly, the whole plan was shuttered after GTA Online took off and started bringing in big bucks. For those who don’t know, GTA Online still very popular in the Role playing community and make a lot of cash for the company. Watch the success of GTA Online, the work on the GTA 5 DLC was shuttered.

“It was really, really good, but when GTA Online came out it was so much of a cash cow and people were loving it so much that it was hard to make an argument that a standalone DLC would outcompete that,” Rubino said in his statement.

Although, this isn’t necessarily the only reason why the DLC was cancelled as a lot of development teams were also shifted to Red Dead Redemption 2 which came out to be another massive success. Going by the amount of details inside RDR2, it’s safe to say it was also one of the main reasons.