Rockstar Games announces huge summer update for GTA Online

The upcoming GTA Online update have fans excited as Rockstar Games announced some big changes, GTA+ Members on consoles to get some sweet rewards.

New Update
GTA Online

GTA Online summer update (Source - Rockstar Games)

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GTA Online seems to be getting some love from Rockstar Games, as the developers have provided details regarding the upcoming summer update. These include new features, Bounty Hunting, quality of life and more for players.

The update will include a new bail enforcement and bounty hunting business. Payers will also be doing some off-the-books and possibly illegal work for Vincent Effenburger for some heft rewards. Alongside that, they will also be able to get their hands on new rides.

Payout will also be increased for certain missions, with three confirmed by Rockstar themselves. “GTA Online update also delivers a collection of new rides to covet and collect, boosts to payouts across a number of existing modes and missions, including Taxi Work, Open Wheel Races, Operation Paper Trail, and more,” the official blog says.

A lot more coming

The creator mode is also getting an update, where players can create their own Drift Race tracks and Drag Race circuits. Creators will also be able to launch tests from any chosen checkpoint. Additionally, creators will have the option to set rounds in Drag Races and improve their way of sharing their work.

In order to improve the player experience, the developers increased the Sell Mission timer which will help solo players. Launching a mission will automatically replenish snacks in most cases, and the armour for Sparrow and Bombushka will also see a durability increase.

GTA+ Members on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will also be getting the new Överflöd Pipistrello supercar for free as members benefit on launch day. Furthermore, members will also get GTA$1 million bonus cash alongside the usual GTA$500k throughout August.

Many were not expecting so much from the upcoming update due to the announcement for GTA 6. Players weren’t sure if the update would be as massive as currently seem quite excited.