Eight Teams make their way into the knockout stages at MLBB Mid-Season Cup for Esports World Cup

Eight teams are all set to go against each other at the Knockout stage for MLBB Mid-Season 2024 to secure the first event MLBB Esports World Cup trophy.

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MLBB Mid-Season 2024

8 Teams qualify for MLBB Mid-Season Cup

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The Group Stage for the ongoing Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Mid-Season 2024 at the Esports World Cup has concluded. Out of the 16 teams competing across four groups, eight have made their way into the Knockout Stage, including HomeBois which started out dominating Play Ins while also only dropping a single match in the Group Stage.

Falcons AP.Bren and Liquid Echo went on to dominate their groups without losing a single match, while NIP Flash and Selangor Red Giants also secured the top spot in their groups. Furthermore, Group D saw both Falcon Esports and Falcons AP.Bren makes their way into the Knockout Stage.

The matches are to commence on July 10 and will be taking place as best of five for the quarterfinals and semifinals, while the grand final will be best of seven. Teams will be playing in a single elimination bracket, so the games are expected to be much more intense, especially for the top prize featuring $1 million. Not only that, teams are also competing for points to compete in the Club Championship.

Here are the matchups for Knockout Stage -

  • Liquid Echo Vs Falcon Esports
  • Falcons AP.Bren Vs See You Soon
  • Selangor Red Giants Vs Fire Flux Esports
  • NIP Flash Vs HomeBois

As of now, AP.Bren and Fire Flux Esports is looking up to be a strong challenge for other teams in the Knockout Stage. AP.Bren boasts M2 and M5 World Championships and also recently secured Games of the Future 2024.

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Fire Flux Esports did not have and world championship to show, but the team has been dominating the MTC Turkiye Championship three times back to back, including the most recent one Istanbul. However, only time will tell if these teams manage to prevail once again or bite the dust before reaching the Esports World Cup grand finals.

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