Esports World Cup reveals more details about Club Championship

Esports World Cup increases the stakes for organizations participating in the Esports World Cup by tying the Club Championship progress with the various esports tournaments.

New Update

ESWC Club Championship (Source - ESWC)

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The Club Championship by Esports World Cup brings an additional opportunity for esports organizations (Clubs) to prove their worth while taking home some extra cash from the $20 million prize pool. The Club Championship was initially announced alongside the prize pool reveal.

The Esports World Cup is set to be the biggest esports event in history, kicking off on July 3 with a combined prize pool of $60 million. While the organizers had previously talked about the eight-week-long competitions, they have now provided details regarding how to qualify and win the Club Championship.

Participation requirements

To even participate, clubs will need to reach the top eight in two of the 20 competitions. Those who clear this will be a part of the Club Championship and their top eight ranking points will count towards the Championship. Here’s the point distribution for the top eight teams across all events -

1st – 1000 points

2nd – 600 points

3rd – 350 points

4th – 200 points

5th – 110 points

6th – 70 points

7th – 40 points

8th – 20 points

However, even after qualifying, a team will need to win in at least one of these tournaments to secure the top spot. This means that even if a team manage to secure the most points, they can lose to another team with fewer points and a win if they are not able to secure a win in any of the 20 competitions, which is an interesting take, forcing each clubs to give their best for a bonus reward.

Another thing the clubs need to keep in mind is that the player will only count towards a club member if they join the Club before May 31, 2024. This means that a player also needs to be a part of the esports organisations themselves before the deadline to secure points.

Prize distribution for the Club Championship -

1st – $7 million

2nd – $4 million

3rd – $2 million

4th – $1.5 million

5th – $1.25 million

6th – $1 million

7th – $800,000

8th – $600,00

9th – $400,000

10th – $350,000

11th – $250,000

12th – $200,000

13th to 16th – $150,000


Considering the sheer number of teams participating, including some of the top teams which can likely cause some ties, and to break those ties, the organizers have listed two solutions.

Individual competition results - Teams with similar points will be judged on the number of wins to break the tie. If that is also the same, the criteria shift to the second spot and so on till the issue is resolved.

Head to head - The club will also win a tie if they have more points from direct matches than its competitor.

In case none of these criteria works, the prize amount will be distributed equally among the teams.