Are I-gaming and Esports good career options for Indian youth?

Esports: Gaming and Esports are gaining wide popularity among the Indian youth population. However, it is worth wondering if it is good as a career option for the youth.

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Gaming is gaining wide popularity among the youth in India. With the emergence of industries like I-gaming and Esports, there has been a transition among the youth from physical games to digital games. Many games focus on factors like knowledge enhancement, skill development, entertainment, and so on. They also include real-money ventures and fantasy games that help individuals monetarily.

It has caught the attention of the Indian youth. Many believe that there is good growth in the industry to have a career. Due to the exceptional count of smartphone users in India, there are a lot of gamers emerging. Esports promises to be a good platform for the youngsters to earn money. For the players, there is a good amount of fan base that cheers their favourite players.

The compound annual growth of Esports by the end of the year is set to be around 46%. By next year, the market of Esports is set to grow to INR 231 Billion. Despite the potential, there are challenges. Indirect taxation and limited permissions have challenged the industry. But with the industry expanding rapidly, there is room for relaxing limitations on the industry.

Wide range of opportunities for youth

In the last two years, Gaming has gained a growth of around 74%, which is exceptional. There is a need for the government to regulate I-gaming and Esports. Unlike other games which are luck-based, online gaming is skill-based. Moreover, for parents to allow their children to pursue a career in gaming, the image of the industry among the public is an important factor.

Recently, the Indian PM met some of the top gamers in India. It helps the industry in creating a positive image. The sector offers a wide range of options for the youth to choose as a career option. Right from creating animations, designs, and management of payment, there are a wide range of career options in the industry. If the youngsters opt for it as a career option, even the country will benefit. 

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