5 career opportunities in Esports apart from professional player

Apart from being a professional player, esports also provide people with several other job opportunities to make a living and progress further in life. Check out the 5 career opportunities in Esports apart from being a professional player.

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Apart from being a professional player, esports also provide people with several other job opportunities to make a living and progress further in life. Even if a person is not able to become a popular professional, they can utilize their skills in various other departments. 

Various jobs do not require mechanical skills to enter the esports industry.

Here are five career opportunities that allow people to become a part of the esports industry:

5. Coach

 Coaches across esports - ESPN

Many people are not mechanically gifted. However, they possess a brain that can lead others towards victory. Coaches are generally former professional players who are popular for their decision-making rather than their gun skills. They are known to make some bold gameplay decisions during their time as a pro 

A coach for any team needs to have deep knowledge about the game and analytical skills that will know the weaknesses and strengths of opponents and his team. Coaches also need creative ways to counter a situation while keeping a cool head, even during heated face-off.

4. Caster/Host

Another important job, of a host or caster, is keeping everyone engaged in the game and up to date regarding the ongoing match. A caterer needs to be able to analyse the game and break it down to the viewers in simple terms for better understanding, all while entertaining themselves. 

They also get to interview pro players, so a caster needs to have the appropriate communication skills to ask what people want to hear. There is a term called ‘shoutcaster’ which is often used for people who usually shout while commenting during intense fights to hype up the viewers.

3. Social media manager


Esports organizations also need their social media managers who can keep them engaged in trending topics. As the name suggests, the main work for them is to engage with fans and keep them updated regarding matches or changes in the team on various social media platforms. 

Although, mechanical skills are not a requirement, people managing social media need to know the game itself. Furthermore, they also need to be entertaining and able to share creative posts regularly.

2. Event production team


Esports is a big thing now, and organizers need some of the best arenas which will leave the people attending in awe. Similar to another regular event, there is a lot of work for the event production team. These include various options like graphic designers, lighting, audio engineers, logistics and many more. 

With all the skills combined, they need to create an eye-catching and engaging event for both physical visitors and the online audience. A great thing is that there is no need to learn something special in the case of esports. People who are already preparing for event management can enter the esports industry.

1. Journalism/Writing 


Esports also opens up a path for talented journalists who are interested in the booming industry to write about esports matches and tournaments to keep the fans updated. It is a job that does not particularly depend on the person being a highly skilled gamer.

People who know how to play the game well enough and the ability to write and express themselves to others properly is enough. If a person has in-depth knowledge about a particular game, they can also work on various analysis blogs of matches and players alongside game guides.