Why Alpine is an excellent option for Carlos Sainz? - Explained

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz's future in Formula 1 has taken an intriguing turn following Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes earlier this year.

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Carlos Sainz

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Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz's future in Formula 1 has taken an intriguing turn following Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes earlier this year. With Ferrari securing Hamilton for 2025, Sainz finds himself exploring new opportunities. One standout option is Alpine, and here’s why it might be the perfect fit for the talented Spaniard.

Sainz, who has been working diligently to secure his F1 future, has several options on the table. Williams, led by team principal James Vowles, has shown keen interest in bringing Sainz on board. Audi/Sauber also presents a lucrative offer, with their ambitious plans for the future. However, Alpine seems to offer the most immediate and practical benefits for Sainz at this stage of his career.

What is the potential of Alpine in the immediate future?

Alpine stands out because it is a team that consistently scores points and has demonstrated competitive performance. The French squad finished fourth in the constructors' standings in 2022 and secured two podiums last season. Their recent performances suggest that they have the potential to provide Sainz with the platform he needs to showcase his talent and achieve strong results.

Comparatively, Audi’s takeover of Sauber is a long-term project. With Sauber having been underfunded for nearly a decade, it will take several years before the team becomes competitive. Williams, although on a recovery path, still faces challenges in returning to the top of the grid. While James Vowles is working hard to rebuild the team, it will require more time before they can consistently fight at the front.

Alpine, on the other hand, is already positioned to be competitive. Despite uncertainties about their long-term ceiling, the team’s immediate potential is promising. There have even been discussions about Alpine ditching the Renault power unit and becoming a customer team, which could further boost their performance outlook for the 2026 season and beyond. If the power unit issue is resolved, Alpine could become an attractive long-term option for Sainz as well.

Pierre Gasly backs Carlos Sainz!

Adding to the appeal, Alpine's current driver, Pierre Gasly, has expressed his preference for Sainz as his teammate for 2025. Gasly praised Sainz as the most experienced and valuable driver available, emphasizing that Sainz would bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to the team.

“I think it’s quite clear, Carlos is the most experienced and most valuable guy out there. I would love to have him next to me next year, I think he’ll bring a lot to the team and we’ll be a great pairing,” said Gasly. Gasly’s endorsement, combined with Alpine’s competitive potential, makes a strong case for Sainz to consider the French team as his next destination.  

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