Helmut Marko reveals details of Sergio Perez's two year deal with Red Bull, heaps praise on Mexican

Red Bull chief advisor Dr Helmut Marko shed light on the decision to retain Sergio Perez and also revealed details of his two-year-long extension deal.

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Sergio Perez with Helmut Marko

Sergio Perez with Helmut Marko (Source: X)

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In a move that has caught many by surprise, Red Bull Racing has confirmed that Sergio Perez will remain with the team until 2026. This decision comes after weeks of speculation and debate over who would partner with Max Verstappen in the coming seasons of Formula 1.

Now speaking about it Red Bull chief advisor Dr. Helmut Marko shed light on the decision to retain Perez, emphasizing the importance of team continuity. "We wanted to ensure continuity in the team," Marko told Motorsport.com.

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"Max Verstappen and Checo (Sergio Perez) have a good relationship and a good understanding of each other, so I call it a logical choice. Checo delivers. He has his ups and downs, but he is still a fast driver”, Marko further added.

This decision ensures Perez's presence in the team as Formula 1 transitions to its next generation of regulations. Marko highlighted the value of Perez's experience and knowledge, noting, "It helps, of course. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, although the most important thing is that we get the best possible information from both drivers so that we as a team can then also be competitive."

Can Sergio Perez improve his on-track performance?

Despite a strong start to the current season, Perez's form has seen fluctuations in recent rounds, leading to some questioning whether Red Bull should look for a new driver. Early contenders for the seat were Daniel Ricciardo, whose performances in 2024 ultimately ruled him out, and Carlos Sainz, who was considered a potential option.

Fans also speculated about Yuki Tsunoda, though it remains unclear how seriously Red Bull considered him for the role. However, the decision to retain Perez ended all these rumours. The contract extension, which includes a two-year deal with the second year being a team option, reflects a compromise between Perez's desire for a straight two-year agreement and Red Bull's preference for a single-season deal.

Marko confirmed the details, stating, "Formula 1 contracts always have clauses, but in a general sense, it is a two-year contract." As the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying and race approach, all eyes will be on Perez and his performance.

The Mexican driver will be under scrutiny to prove that Red Bull's decision to retain him was indeed the right call. With this new contract, Perez has the opportunity to solidify his position within the team and contribute to Red Bull's ongoing success in Formula 1.

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