WATCH: Lewis Hamilton's onboard camera captures beautiful moment between him and his father during British Grand Prix

Check out the viral clip of Lewis Hamilton's wonderful moment with his father just before British Grand Prix race. Best wishes given by his father before his iconic win.

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Hamilton family (Source- F1)

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The British Grand Prix was a great race in the Formula One season where we saw some iconic moments, right from Lando Norris overtaking the likes of lewis hamilton and Max Verstappen in the 30th lap and Carlos Sainz getting the fastest lap on the silverstone circuit. These were some of the greatest moments that have made this race a great watch for all the fans.

However, the greatest moment was to see 7-time world Champion Lewis Hamilton get his 9th win in the circuit and make history. This was important as this was also turning out to be a disappointing season for Hamilton where he had not finished on the top podium before this iconic race. This was an emotional and great moment for the Mercedes driver who finally got one of his best moments this season.

Lewis Hamilton has a wonderful moment with his father

There is no doubt this is one of the best races of Hamilton's career, but these were plenty of moments in this race which he will never forget. There was one moment before the race which not a lot of us had seen, but was a wonderful moment which went viral on social media. A viral clip featuring Hamiltons' father Anthony Hamilton went viral where his father was seen wishing his son luck on the grid just before the race. Anthony started by recording his son and gave him thumbs up and blew him a kiss just before the iconic race. This was a beautiful moment between father and son.

Watch the video below-

This shows the love between a father and son during one of the important races of his life. This was a great gesture from Anthony as those wishes proved to work as Hamilton ended the race as the winner and won his 9th race at the Silverstone circuit and completes another great record. This was an important race for Hamilton and he has finally won his first race after 3 years. he needed all the luck and it seems like he got some from Anthony just before his match.

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