'I think we are super close...'- Lewis Hamilton gives warning to Verstappen and Norris for the upcoming races

Lewis Hamilton gives a warning to current rivals Max Verstappen and Lando Norris after his iconic British Grand Prix win. What will Mercedes and the 7-time World champ have in store for us?

Aiman Sharma
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Lewis Hamilton (Source- The Mirror)

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The Formula One season has given us some great races and we have had some great performances from the new generation of drivers as well. The drivers who have impressed us the most right now is Red Bulls Max Verstappen and McLaren's Lando Norris. These two are also leading the rankings so far and are having some successful results this season. 

However, the last two races have seen two struggling Mercedes drivers perform. It was George Russell who won the race in Austria whereas it was the legendary Lewis Hamilton who finally got his 9th win in the Silverstone circuit  at home. this was an iconic and emotional moment for the 7-time World champion and he was happy to finally finish on the top podium in this season which was filled with a lot of disappointment.

Hamilton warns his rivals

This was also an important race for Hamilton as this will be his final season with Mercedes and this win will mean a lot to hime before his departure. This race has also seemed to give some confidence to the English driver as he has gone onto give a stern warning to his competitors saying " I think we are super close, and I think hopefully with a couple of, with the next upgrade perhaps, we will be in an even stronger position to really, really be fighting at the front row more consistently.”

Though the former World champion did not take any names, it seemed like a warning to his competitors for the upcoming races of the season. Looking at the last two races, I think even the likes of Max Verstappen has to be worried, beacuse Hamilton has surprised us before and he and the Mercedes team will be looking forward to get better results in the upcoming races of this season.


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