Max Verstappen responds to Helmut Marko's remarks about simulator issues

max Verstappen clears doubts on concerns of F1 simulators by Dr. Helmut Marko and how it has been helpful to the drivers while training for the season's big races.

Aiman Sharma
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Formula 1 is one of the most popular auto-racing events in the world where global drivers participate. Right now, one of the biggest teams in the past few seasons is Red Bull, who has been leading the competition for the last three seasons, thanks to one of their star Max Verstappen. Thanks to the phenomenal Dutch driver, the last two seasons have also been successful for the team in the constructor's championship.

The current season has also shown the team leading the competition once again and is still the favourite to win their third consecutive season. Along with that, Max Verstappen is still leading the charts among the racers. The 3-time world champion has been in the form of his life and is looking good recently. It is just the last race where we saw the talented driver perhaps give a slightly underwhelming performance this season in Monaco, which has become a talking point.

Max clears the Simulator debate

The introduction of Simulators in F1 racing has been a talking point for the whole racing community. These are machines that are meant to give you a real-life experience of the track. Though this has been a technology that has brought a new change to the racing fraternity, former racer Helmut Marko has displayed his problems shown towards it saying that it does not correlate to the actual circuits during the race.

To this, Verstappen gave a clear statement saying, " It's just that maybe on the simulator, they are probably too good, and gives you a bit of the wrong idea of how to set up the car, Some tracks I think we do a better job than others, but honestly, I think if you're asked everyone that's the same, like it's very hard to nail it all the time." Through this, it is clear that Verstappen trusts the technology and does not completely agree with the statement and certainly will be looking to give his best performance in the Canadian Grand Prix which will be coming up.

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