Will John Cena turn heel in his retirement tour?

WWE: John Cena will be having one final run in the company before retiring in 2025. The star wrestler was always a face since 2006 and never turned heel.

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Will John Cena turn heel in his retirement tour?

Will John Cena turn heel in his retirement tour? (Source: X)

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John Cena is set to have one last run in WWE before retiring by the end of 2025. The star wrestler made his debut in 2002 which changed the dynamics of the company. However, after growing as the top babyface of the company, Cena never turned heel due to the number of young fans he got into the company who wanted to see his good nature. 

Now that he is not the top face of the company anymore and the young fans during his prime understand WWE better, there is room for him to turn heel again. The fans wish to see it one last time before he retires. Back in the mid-2000s, Cena was brilliant as a heel. It almost came naturally to him bringing out the best in him. The fans love to see him back as the Dr of Thuganomics. 

In the press conference after the Money in the Bank, both Cena and Triple H were asked about it. Neither of them denied the possibilities. It could well mean that he might turn heel in a certain capacity. This time around, there would be no pressure on him to do anything. He has done it all and earned the right to do what he wishes to.

Who would John Cena face as a heel?

If he indeed becomes a heel, there are some top faces in the company whom he could face. By 2025, Roman Reigns would be the top babyface. Cody Rhodes could also be in the scenario. Some wrestlers could be emerging faces like LA Knight, Jey Uso, and so on. They might be good opponents for Cena. This would ensure Cena puts over them by performing well himself.

But one cannot be assured of his heel turn. After all, it is the face run of Cena that made him the Superstar. But in the Triple H Era, everything is possible. After Netflix's deal with WWE becomes reality, Cena has room to turn heel. The star wrestler has expressed being a part of the Netflix Era of WWE where things would not be the same anymore. 

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