Who should induct John Cena into WWE Hall of Fame?

WWE: Triple H in the press conference claimed that John Cena could soon be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. It is worth wondering who would get the honour.

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Who should induct John Cena into WWE Hall of Fame?

Who should induct John Cena into WWE Hall of Fame? (Source: X)

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John Cena appeared at the Money in the Bank and claimed 2025 to be his last season in WWE. In the press conference, he was asked a lot of questions including one about his induction to the Hall of Fame. Triple H was asked the same and the WWE CCO claimed that Cena could be inducted to the elite league soon after his retirement.

It is worth wondering who would be the ideal candidate to induct John Cena into the WWE Hall of Fame. The most probable candidate seems to be Randy Orton with whom Cena had a lot of screen time. Their rivalry was one of the best post the Attitude Era. There are opinions about even Kurt Angle being the candidate given how their history was.

Angle was the first opponent Cena in the main roster. Additionally, people feel that JBL could also be a candidate given the fact that Cena won the first world title after beating him. There are suggestions regarding The Rock with whom Cena had a great feud and helped the growth of business in some important PLEs like WrestleMania 28 and 29. 

The McMahon family is in the lead!

There is also a chance of Triple H inducting Cena to the league given his history with Cena. However, as the Hunter is the WWE CCO, the chances of it are not highly likely. But two members seem to be the perfect candidates to induct John into the WWE Hall of Fame. Both of them belong to the same family and played a key role in John's career.

Stephanie McMahon was the one who helped Cena to get a better character in the rap version when Cena's career seemed to be taking off nowhere. On the other hand, it was Vince McMahon who constantly trusted John to be the main guy of the company for years. In many instances, John has expressed to be grateful for the former WWE boss for his impact on Cena's career. One of these two might get a chance eventually. 

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