WATCH: Roman Reigns joyfully shakes a leg with family, video goes viral

Roman Reigns was seen dancing and having a good time with his family. Read and watch the video which went viral, only on

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The former leader and the current leader of The Bloodline, Roman Reigns was seen enjoying himself with his family and having a good time. In a video that went viral on the social media platform, X, Roman Reigns was seen dancing and having a gala time with his family. Leati Joseph Anoa’i, popularly known as Roman Reigns, was signed by WWE in the year 2010 and presently he has been performing on a part-time basis in The Smackdown brand. According to reports, Reigns has been on sabbatical from the Smackdown series.

As per reports, Roman Reigns was all set to return to Money in the Bank. Owing to an unfortunate incident, of his father passing away recently, Reigns was unable to participate in the Money in the Bank. This left the wrestling fans unhappy as it was expected that this would be a possible comeback for the wrestling star. The fans have been eagerly waiting for Roman’s return.

Watch the video here:

When will Roman Reigns make a comeback?

Although there has been no certainty of the star’s return, there could be a chance that the Tribal star would entertain his fans before the Summer slam, which can be an ideal way for him to come back in the game. Many believe that it is a hard time for the star to process his father’s death and get back to the ring.

Previously, through a post which went viral on social media, Roman Reigns was seen carrying his father’s body for the final rites. Images which went viral clearly showed the wrestling star in a gloomy mood, who was processing his father’s death and was being consoled by his uncle. It was good to see netizens who came in support of the star, hoping for Reigns to come out even stronger in the ring.

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